SPM Mathematics Revision

SPM Trial 2019 – Mathematics (Penang)

KBSM Mathematics Form 4
The Straight Line


Mathematical Reasoning

KBSM Mathematics Form 5
Chapter 1: Number Bases

Chapter 3: Transformations III

Chapter 4: Matrices

Chapter 5: Variations

Chapter 6: Gradient and Area under a Graph

Chapter 7: Probability II

Chapter 8: Bearing

Chapter 9: Earth as a Sphere

Chapter 10: Plans and Elevations

KSSM Mathematics Form 4
Chapter 1: Quadratic Functions and Equations in One Variable

Chapter 2: Number Bases

Chapter 3: Logical Reasoning

Chapter 4: Operations on Sets

Chapter 5: Network in Graph Theory

Chapter 6: Linear Inequalities in Two Variables

Chapter 7: Graphs of Motion

Chapter 8: Measures of Dispersion for Ungrouped Data

Chapter 9: Probability of Combined Events

Chapter 10: Consumer Mathematics: Financial Management

Additional Mathematics
Linear Programming